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Apps Built Exclusively For HubSpot

Our mission is to help teams harness the full power of HubSpot.

The collection of apps below are built for HubSpot admins looking to maximize use of the platform.


Marketing Event Management


Struggling to use marketing events?
This app allows you to easily manage marketing events in HubSpot. No code or additional integrations required.
  • Create marketing events in an easy to use settings screen
  • Update the registration status of contacts via a new workflow action
  • Measure the impact of your events just like you always wanted!

Text Parsing For File Uploads


Automatically translate file uploads into a text property.
The text parsing workflow action works on the most common file types like PDFs and DOCs, as well as PNGs and JPGs.
  • Great for hiring teams to easily scan through 100s or 1000s of resumes
  • Segment records based on keywords found in the parsed text
  • Enhance views, lists, workflows, and reports with more actionable data

File Attachment Associations


Better manage attachments inside of the HubSpot CRM.
Bring visibility to important files by adding them as attachments, and easily syncing them with associated records.
  • Copy files upoaded via form into the attachment card
  • Add file uploads as attachments to associated records
  • Sync attachments between objects